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Studio Policy


Classes are by appointment only

We run two sessions (however, students can still join any time of year!):​

School Session: 10 months (September 1 - June 30)


  • Continuing Enrollment - Sign up form must be received by August 25th in order to continue enrollment from summer session to avoid a new registration fee. Tuition for the first month of the school session will be invoiced and charged between August 25th - September 5th

  • Re-enrollment - Online registration must be completed prior to scheduling your first lesson appointment with your teacher

Summer Session: 2 months (July 1 - August 31)

  • We allow students a flexible schedule during the summer months. Contact your teacher to work out your schedule.

  • Ask about our special discount for students who take 8 or more private lessons during the summer!

  • Students may schedule their school session time slot prior to the end of summer session. We realize many students start school before September.

Registration Fees


The enrollment registration fee is $25 and $15 per additional family member; the registration fee is not to exceed a total of $55. 


No new registration fee is required if lessons remain continuous from one session to the next and meet the sign-up deadline. A new registration fee must be paid if there is a pause or cancellation of lessons at any time.

The registration fee includes enrollment for any classes offered at Succeed Music Academy.

New Students

Before enrolling, all new students will need to schedule a consultation and assessment. Click here to Start The Process


Once your process is complete and you are ready to schedule your sample class, you must register online first. Click here to Register

For Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Lessons are scheduled at the same weekly time slot. Please arrange any schedule changes directly with your teacher through your student portal calendar. Students are expected to attend every week, except for when the studio is closed on major holidays, or indicated in your student portal calendar. See Make Ups or Cancel Lessons

For Group Classes


Group Class schedules will be added or changed according to students' enrollment, participation and progress. The schedule is posted on the student portal calendar. Only registered students have access to the student portal calendar. New students - Click here to Start The Process


Classes are billed on the 1st for the month ahead. Students are expected to attend every week, except for when the studio is closed for major Holidays, or indicated in your student portal calendar. See Make Ups or Cancel Lessons


Classes may be arranged with your teacher at the same time slot each week or every other week. These classes are flexible to reschedule according to our cancellation policy See Make Ups or Cancel Lessons

MusicPower™ & Rhythm Power

These two group classes are scheduled back to back as a pair. After an assessment is completed, the classes will be available to sign up through your student portal calendar. Students are not required to take these classes every week. These classes are designed to supplement the private lessons. Students must be currently enrolled in private lessons to attend any of these classes. Make Ups or Cancel Lessons

General Class Policies


Paying Tuition

​Each student will be set up with a login to our student portal. Multiple students in the same household will be assigned to one family account. So that we can start setting up your student portal account, you must register online as a new student (link found on our home page). Your credit card information will be saved on a secure network and used for auto payments each month.

For new students, the first month of tuition may be prorated depending on when the start date of lessons. The following month will be billed in accordance to the regular student policy.

Auto Pay Students

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month for the upcoming month of lessons. Auto pay billing will have until the 5th of the month to update payment card in case it has been declined. A 10% late fee will be added to payments on the 6th.


Non-Auto Pay Students

If you opt out of auto pay, the due date is on the 20th of the month, prior to the 1st. A 10% late fee will be charged to your account on the 26th if we have not yet received your payment. If there are more than 3 late payments made within a session, we will require a credit card on file through the student portal.

Payments may be made manually through your student portal or by check. Checks may be slipped into the drop box located in our waiting room or mailed to 722 Genevieve St., Suite K, Solana Beach, CA, 92075.

Holiday Schedule

Students will not be billed for these major holidays:


Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year's Day

Easter Day

4th of July


Please Note: We continue to hold regularly scheduled lessons/classes on most Monday holidays, President's Day/Week, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and during the weeks of majoholidays.


We allow one Spring Break week of your choice as an option. You must request your Spring Break week in advance to have it removed from your lesson calendar.


If you need to cancel lessons in addition to these dates, your account will be awarded a make up credit. Students are required to make up any lessons that are cancelled - See Make Up Policy 


Cancel Lessons

Succeed Music Academy reserves the right to cancel or change the class schedule or teachers at any time. Classes are subject to availability and scheduling.

Any class dates cancelled by the student other than our Listed Holidays require a make up. Please be proactive in rescheduling with your teacher prior to the cancelled class.

​Student cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to receive a make up credit; otherwise, your class will be forfeited. Cancellations must be made through the calendar on your student account. This will automatically notify your teacher and the office. Cancellation by phone or email will not award your account with a make up lesson. 

Do not come to in person lessons if you have any symptoms of sickness. We strongly recommend that sick students (if able) join the class online in order to keep the regularly scheduled lesson time. Please arrange with your teacher.


If your teacher is unable to teach, a substitute will be arranged. However, if your class was cancelled without the option of a substitute, you may either take a makeup lesson (in person or online), or contact the office to request a refund credit on your next invoice.


Make Ups

Any classes that are cancelled with a minimum 24 hour notice will be awarded a make up credit to be scheduled at an alternate time. Students may arrange a make up before or after the cancelled class date. Arrange all make ups directly with your teacher. Please be aware that all make up credits will expire at the end of the session (school session 10 months/summer session 2 months). Check below for your specific class make up policy:

Private Lessons Make Ups

Unscheduled make up lessons will be added to your student profile account as make up credits. All make ups must be scheduled within the current session. Make up lessons do not roll over to the next session. Arrange your make ups directly with your teacher.


PianoPower™ Make Ups

Make up classes are subject to availability. To make up a class, students may join any of our PianoPower™ MusicPower and RhythmPower classes that have an available opening. The make up class must be made up at a separate time from your regularly scheduled class. You may not use the make up as one of your regularly scheduled classes.

RockPower™ Make Ups

Arrange any make up classes anytime within your current session.

MusicPower™ & RhythmPower™ Make Ups

No make up needed for a missed class. The cancelled class will be applied to the next attended class.

Student Conduct

​Please be respectful of other students and the use of studio equipment. Disrespectful comments or destructive behavior, yelling, screaming, and running will not be tolerated. We understand that students may need a snack from time to time. We allow eating in the waiting room and at the kitchenette.


For the safety of our students, we ask that students under the age of 12 be picked up from our studio waiting area by a parent or guardian. Younger students will be held in our multi purpose room until pick up. Please do not let your child run into the parking lot before or after the lesson.

Terminating Lessons

​To terminate lessons and cancel tuition prior to the end of a session, a 30 day written notice to is required, as well as, a notice to your teacher. There are no refunds for pre-paid tuition or cancelled lessons. Any outstanding make up lessons must be taken prior to terminating lesson tuition or else they will be forfeited.

Cancel Lessons
Make ups
Holiday Schedule
Playing Piano
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