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Our Program

We offer various types of private lessons that provide the flexibility for students to grow at different stages of learning and interest. Our music teachers are trained in multiple methods of instruction and will apply the teaching method most suitable for each student's age, personality, skill level and goals. Students receive tailored instruction, performance opportunities and unique learning programs.

See our studio changes due to Covid

•  At your initial consultation, our teachers carefully assess each student and tailor a program appropriate to age, level, personality, and goals.

•  Your success is our success. After your initial consultation, you will  receive a complimentary sample lesson with your assigned teacher. This will help the teacher understand more about your learning style and customize a personal lesson plan accordingly.

•  We are committed to ensuring a positive learning environment that facilitates creativity and musical development.

•  Our long term goal is to enable our students with a strong foundation in core music skills, especially from the beginner to intermediate levels of learning.

Piano Lessons (Ages 4-6)

Our young beginner's piano program engages the student with more than just piano playing. During the lesson, the child will explore rhythm playing, singing, and note reading.At this age, children need more individual attention as they vary in temperament, attention span and independence. An assessment is required to ensure the child is ready to begin lessons.

Rock/Pop Instruments

Drums, keyboard, guitar, bass and voice are suitable to students ages 8 years+, or younger students with at least one year of piano training. Lessons will be focused on developing technique through scales and exercises, learning songs of different rock and popular styles, artists and tempos. For the developing student, recording and writing music can be added to the lesson plan. 

Supplemental Theory Classes

​Learning a musical instrument successfully is more than simply practicing and playing sheet music. Private lessons are typically focused on ability, technique and musicality. Because of this, we found that students need reinforcement instruction in many other areas of understanding music besides their regular weekly lesson. Students are assigned to a small group class with others of comparable levels.

Royal Conservatory.jpeg

The Royal Conservatory

Certificate Program

"From beginner to advanced, The Royal Conservatory of Music provides an internationally renowned standard of music education and achievement."

At each level, students are supported to help them develop into well-rounded musicians.

With a focus on nurturing creativity and developing self-confidence, the RCM program allows students to work at their own pace.

Piano Lessons (Ages 7+)

We offer tailored private piano instruction from the beginning level of playing. For students under the age of 8 years old, we highly recommend starting with piano first before switching to another instrument. Our fundamental piano course nurtures confidence in sight-reading skills, solid rhythm, technique, practical theory, but also memorization and playing by ear. The developing student may choose to expand playing into a variety of styles as part of the lesson.

The Foundational Instruments

We consider piano, drums and voice to be the foundational instruments for first time beginners. These instruments set a good base for learning music and developing solid rhythm, pitch and coordination. For students under 7 years old, we recommend beginning with at least one year of piano training before moving on to another instrument.

Additional Instruments

We are also offering instruction in ukulele, violin, cello, harp and flute. Each of these instruments are very different, yet taught with the same teaching principles as our foundational instruments. It is important for students to understand rhythm and note-reading to build a solid baseline for successful learning

Adult Music Education Program

Our lesson program is customizable to fit the varied skill and ability of our adult students. Whether your goal is to study music lightheartedly or to invest in a more serious pursuit, our teachers will help you to achieve your goals at your own pace. So many adults regret not learning to play a musical instrument as a child, but it's never too late to start! 


Elizabeth R, Mom of drum and guitar students

This school does a great job of teaching through online platforms. The teachers keep my kids engaged as if they were in the same room. We thought we would discontinue after covid, but our lessons were so successful they we just kept it going. And now my two sons are playing music together and writing songs.

The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.


From intellectual, aural, physical and emotional sensories, there is a wide range of benefits to learning a musical instrument at any stage of life. As many studies have shown, MUSIC is the link to better listening skills and coordination for younger children, understanding abstract or mathematical concepts and promoting self-confidence throughout childhood and adolescence. Learning and playing a musical instrument also has its benefits for adults by exercising a sharper memory and relieving stress. Most importantly, it should be an enriching and positive experience that is enjoyed when the individual of any age is open and willing to learn. Our mission is to help students enjoy the step by step process of becoming a musician.

Changes due to Covid

We are committed to keeping students and families safe though the Covid pandemic. Here are the changes we have put into place until further notice:

  • Online lessons available on a secured platform

  • In person, at-home lessons available at regular studio rate (for qualified students)

  • Masks required for in person lessons

  • All in person group classes are cancelled (family members in the same household may take group classes together)

  • Sample lessons and consultations will be held online

  • Recitals/concerts are held online only as open mic sessions

  • Group theory classes are held online only

  • Our studio location is closed for lessons or meetings

  • All teachers are vaccinated

  • Registration fees are paused (fee will be applied towards first month's tuition)

  • Covid related absences will be excused without the required 24 hour notice

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