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What are PowerClasses™

Succeed Music Academy PowerClasses™ are our proprietary group classes that teach the essential musical concepts without boring anyone. Many beginner students struggle learning to play an instrument because it requires doing so many tasks simultaneously.


Think of the power classes as a power boost, or a super power that makes learning to play any instrument so much easier. When playing the instrument, the student can then focus on building better musicianship and technique, rather than being overwhelmed with managing every new core skill simultaneously.


PianoPower™ (Ages 7+)

A beginner group piano class

1 Hour

(No private enrollment required)

PianoPower™ is a circuit training style group class for all stages of the beginning level student. Individualized lesson plans adapt as each student grows, allowing the space for organic learning. Students learn independently, as well as, enjoy the benefits of playing songs together! Performing becomes easy since students are sharing during class what they learn and discovering music together. The PianoPower™ package also includes a blend of both MusicPower™ and RhythmPower™ for basic concept building.


MusicPower™ (Ages 7+)

30 Minute Class

(Private lesson enrollment required)

Shhh…. don’t tell them they’re learning Music Theory!

The MusicPower™ classes reinforce the basic concepts of music theory, note reading, and terms, in a fun and interactive way. Understanding musical concepts requires memorization and abstract thinking, and we teach it through games and activities. During this course, students will also learn music history, ear training, song writing, and music analysis. COST/SCHEDULE

RockPower™ (Ages 8+)

1 or 2 Hour Band Rehearsals

Customized Music Selections

(Private lesson enrollment required)

Let's Rock out! During this course, students will learn the skills necessary to play together as a group with multiple instruments and a vocalist. Through circuit practice, students explore playing other instruments and take turns being the band leader. Student musicians who join RockPower™ must follow the assessment process in order to be placed in the appropriate band. 


RhythmPower™ (Ages 7+)

30 Minute Class

(Private lesson enrollment required)

RhythmPower™ teaches students how to feel the rhythm by honing into their inner pulse. Explore different volumes, textures, and tempos from very slow to very fast! Students become experts at reading, writing and playing rhythm, both independently as well as in an ensemble. Using a combination of clapping, tapping, percussion instruments, and drumstick training keeps it fun and exciting.


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